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The people who have had to leave their country and find their way to Bavaria, sometimes at risk to their lives, have already endured much suffering. It’s now for Bernau to take up the challenge and offer these refugees a temporary home.

In comparison to other communities Bernau am Chiemsee intends to have everything ready in good time. In the middle of December 2014, on the initiative of the First Mayor, Philipp Bernhofer, a meeting of over a hundred local people took place in the Gasthaus Kampenwand. During this information evening a good 30 participants spontaneously volunteered to help out with the asylum seekers. In a first meeting shortly before Christmas the helpers quickly agreed that an association should be formed - not only to officially acknowledge receipt of money donations but also to coordinate and organize all offers of help as best as possible.

The founding of the association “Bernauer Flüchtlingshilfe“

At the meeting on the 22nd December 2014 the name of the association was agreed (“Bernauer Flüchtlingshilfe”) as was the text of the association’s constitution. Under the leadership of First Mayor Philipp Bernhofer the committee of seven members in total was elected.

At the head of the new association are: Johannes Feitl as first chairman, Hubert Hesse as second chairman, Jens Poschmann as treasurer, Patrick Stangl as secretary and also associate members Reinulf Decker, Lutz Hesse and Willi Michels.

The committee with First Mayor Philipp Bernhofer

The committee with First Mayor Philipp Bernhofer

During another meeting on the 19th January 2015 the committee introduced the defined areas of responsibility and the respective people to be contacted:

  • coordinator of help with authorities (Lutz Hesse)
  • learning German / foreign languages (Hubert Hesse)
  • Public Relations (Patrick Stangl)
  • coordinator of helpers / materials (Reinulf Decker)
  • coordinator of free time

The Landratsamt has made available to the refugees a social worker for asylum seekers for several hours a week.

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